21 Days of Yoga and Self-Care Practice

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21 Days of Yoga and Self-Care Practice!

With a new year and a new beginning, something is for certain… CHANGE! No matter where you live, what color your hair and skin are, where you come from… No matter where you buy groceries, what you listen to or what your job is…

It is time to start a Positive Yoga Revolution!

If we strip away all levels, we will discover that we all are more alike than you think. 

We all want happiness, to be loved, to love, and to live a life that matters. 

No matter who you are or where you are, I invite you to consider that you are apart of a global yogi community and together we can start a positive revolution…

A revolution that starts within each one of us one breath at the time

Take a moment to Breath. 

Connect with your body, your soul, and Spirit. 

It is with so much love and gentleness and kindness that I extend a hand and invite you to connect with me and others via your breath. 

New Year – New Yoga Revolution.

Who is ready to start a home yoga practice and a self-care routine?

Join me in The 21 days of Yoga and self-care challenge you can do from the comfort of your home or anywhere you like and anytime.

It’s only $21 and you’ll get access to my online classes and self-care tips so together we can create momentum towards a healthier, joyful, and empowering cycle.

Let’s transform the body with the breath. Let’s ignite our spirits! It is in this way that we transform – with confidence, authenticity, and JOY. 

Let’s choose to get not only stronger but practice kindness, gratitude, and compassion. 


21 Days of Yoga and Self-Care Practice Challenge

This 21 days of Yoga and Self Care Challenge is meant to bring us together, start a positive yoga revolution, and connect with like-minded people near and far.

No yoga experience is necessary and it’s a great way to jump-start a home yoga practice.

Just show up. 

Invite others to join YOU!

Sign up and get my daily emails for this challenge, your free downloadable calendar, and printable PDF’s. 

Click Here to Join Yoga Revolution: 21 Days of Yoga and Self Care

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