5 Tips To Practice Chaturanga

5 Tips To Practice Chaturanga Safely - Adriana Kyser

5 Tips To Practice Chaturanga!

Chaturanga is one of the foundational poses commonly used in a Vinyasa Yoga Class style. This pose can be difficult at the beginning and often can lead to injuries when performed incorrectly. Here are some tips to practice Chaturanga safely so you can strengthen your body while avoiding possible injuries.

Why Is Chaturanga So Hard?

Chaturanga can be challenging especially for beginners since it requires a great amount of upper body and core strength… Which in many cases many women lack. In addition, it requires proper alignment and body mechanics to enter, maintain, and exit the pose.

Chaturanga Dandasana Benefits

  • Strengthens the core.
  • Builds strength in the quads.
  • Builds strength in shoulders and scapula stabilizers when practiced with proper alignment.
  • Great preparation for more arm balances.
  • Strengthens biceps and triceps as well as forearm muscles.
  • Strengthens pectoralis major.

    5 Tips To Practice Chaturanga Safely!

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