Gua Sha Face & Neck Massage - Adri Kyser

Face & Neck Massage Video Tutorial! Many people have asked me what I have been doing because my face is GLOWING! For the past 21 days, I have been using my custom Bian Stone, a face and body massage tool! Gua Sha is a massage technique based on Ancient Chinese Medicine that involves scraping your skin with a massage… Read more

6 Yoga Poses To Reduce Stress & Pain

6 Yoga Poses To Reduce Stress Stress is the number one factor causing imbalance and illness in the body. Some of the most common questions people ask me all of the time are: Can I do yoga even if I’m not flexible? What are your favorite poses to reduce stress? Can Yoga help me with… Read more

Why Get A Covellite Crystal?

WHY GET A COVELLITE CRYSTAL?  Covellite is a powerful Gateway Stone. As a result, this incredible Third Eye Chakra stone helps to unlock your psychic gifts. Covellite Crystal is a great tool to assist you in this journey to awaken your intuition and psychic abilities. Covellite – the gem of MIRACLES. Use Covellite crystal to co-create miracles in… Read more

Pajamas, Yoga & Sound Healing Class

Pajamas, Yoga & Sound Healing  Yoga and sound healing has great benefits. Learn how it can help you relax, renew, and improve your health. This class is a wonderful addition to any bedtime routine or when you need to release the stress from the day. During this yoga class, I combine a few gentle movements… Read more

The Pain Bodies - Adri Kyser

The Pain Bodies

What Are The Pain Bodies? In this short video, I share what the pain bodies are, and a few things you can do to start the healing process. Many people hold tension, stress, and tightness in their backs. I believe that is very important to move your body to help release aches and pains. Especially… Read more

Adri Kyser

Why Should I Practice Yoga?

Why Should I Practice Yoga? I witness first hand the positive changes the practice of yoga can make in people’s lives. Yoga is more than a series of poses or exercises and twisting yourself like a pretzel. The word yoga means to unite, yoke, bring together. I like to think of yoga as the tool or… Read more

Living Your Purpose - Adri Kyser

Living Your Purpose

Living Your Purpose! The other day I was talking to one of my clients. She asked me “How do I know when I’m living my purpose? So I asked… What… Would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? Would you do even if nobody paid you to do it? What makes you come alive… Read more

5 Must Visit Places In India

I love to travel to incredible destinations and scout new locations for my wellness retreats. India is a place I hold close to my heart. India is a magical place that helps to deepen your spiritual connection, awaken to new levels of awareness, and lift your vibration. The combination of beautiful landscapes, sacred places, history… Read more

Adri's Interview - Amazon Prime

Watch Adri’s Interview on Amazon Prime! Finally, you can watch Adri’s interview for “The Focus”, a show available on Amazon Prime and MPN Global. The interview is now live. Did you know that past experiences can have a direct effect on your life, relationships, and business? During this interview, Adri shared her personal story and the… Read more

Mid-Life Crisis or Awakening?

Mid-life Crisis or Awakening? Last week I talked to one of my new clients who said to me “Adri, I feel lost. I’ve spent the past 18 years taking care of my family, raising my children, going to work, taking care of everyone and everything else that I never thought about what I wanted or needed.”… Read more

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