Bian Stone For Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic Face Massage

Bian Stone For Lymphatic Massage!

Bian Stone is the best tool for Lymphatic Massages. Gua Sha is based in traditional Chinese Medicine. They are great for contouring, reduce fine the appearance of fine lines, relieving tension, migraines and more.

Benefits of Gua Sha With Bian Stone

Bian stone is rich in 40+ minerals, that have been praised in Chinese Medicine for its healing benefits, skin rejuvenating properties, and rejuvenating anti-aging effects.

  • Tones, sculps, and lifts
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduces stress
  •  Promotes Lymphatic drainage
  •  Stimulates Collagen
  •  Improves elasticity
  •  Increases circulation
  • Glowing skin

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