Chakra Balancing with Essential Oils

Chakra Balancing with Essential Oils | Adri Kyser

The Chakras – Subtle Energy Centers

Our bodies are constantly communicating with us in subtle and not so subtle ways letting us know when things are in balance and when they’re not. At the sublet level we can find the chakra system.

This system is composed of 7 energy centers (Chakras) in which Prana (energy) flows through. Each chakra is associated with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual attributes.

However, the chakras can become out of balance (even blocked) causing the flow of energy to be limited to non-existent. This can lead to further imbalances, aches or pains in the body, emotional roller coaster and much more.

There are many ways you can balance your chakras. In my personal practice, I combine a few different techniques (like affirmations and essential oils) to make it more effective giving me a deeper sense of well-being.

The following technique is one of my two favorite techniques to use for chakra balancing. This technique combines affirmations and essential oils.

 The AromaTouch Kit has all of the essential oils I use for balancing the chakras. In addition, you can use the oils in this kit for:

  • complete relaxation,
  • boost your immune system 
  • obtain the peace of mind
  • Aroma Touch Technique application for you and for the entire family to enjoy

Why Essential Oils to Balance The Chakras?

Essential oils are plant-based aromatic compounds found in seeds, barks, steams, roots, flowers and other parts of the plant. 

These natural chemical compounds have been used for many centuries for health giving benefits, in food preparation and beauty practices.

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Essential Oils can

  • bring you into a state of balance,
  • assist in releasing and letting go of negative emotions
  • enhance mood.

Using these oils on specific body parts during this simple chakra balancing technique will help clear these energy centers and bring them into balance.

Why Affirmations?

Using affirmations can be a powerful way to complement the benefits of the Essential Oils while effectively balancing the chakras.

Our thoughts create our reality and by adding positive chakra balancing affirmations on a regular basis, we can also experience incredible results in all levels of our lives.


Chakra Balancing Procedure

Enjoy the aroma as you open each bottle. Place 1-3 drops on your palms rub together and take a few deep breaths then proceed as follow:

  • Add 1-3 drops of Balance with some coconut oil to the bottom of your feet for grounding and nourishment. Affirmation: “I live my life with purpose. All of my needs are always met and I’m safe, supported, and grounded.
  • Rub Wild Orange below belly button area to activate your center of creativity and abundance. Affirmation: “I’m a powerful creator and I manifest the life of my dreams. I trust in the universal flow of abundance
  • Add Peppermint to solar plexus for a boost of confidence and will power. Affirmation: “I’m confident and charismatic I have the knowledge and skills to be successful”
  • Apply Aromatouch to the heart area to aid in relaxation of body and open the heart center for love, acceptance and forgiveness. Affirmation: “Loves moves and radiates freely from my soul”
  • Add Lavender to your throat center to aid in clear communication and expression. Affirmation: “I express myself clearly and effortlessly”
  • Apply Melaleuca on Third Eye Center for clarity, inner wisdom and seeing the bigger picture.  Affirmation: “I trust in my intuition and I know where to go and what to do next”
  • Add 1-3 drops of on guard on your palms rub together. Take a deep breath and then gently glide palms on top and back of the head to connect with Higher Self enclosing yourself in a protective shield. Affirmation: “I’m one with the Divine and as I follow the Divine intelligence everything always works out for my highest greatest good”

Additional Information

In addition, you can diffuse any of your favorite essential oils (Frankincense, Sandalwood, Elevation, and Citrus Bliss) during this procedure for added benefit.

If you like, you can hold crystal(s) on your hand(s) for a 5-minute meditation after you complete the Chakra Balancing technique.

You can get your essential oils kit to balance your chakras here


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