Cleaning Out The Clutter

Clearing out the clutter - Adri Kyser

Cleaning Out The Clutter 

Spring is here and while people are busy cleaning out the clutter from their homes, cleansing their bodies and trying new detox practices something is really loud and clear… We all are ready to get rid of the clutter around us…

Fasting, juicing and/or incorporating some yoga detox practices are fantastic practices to do this time of the year but what about your thoughts?

Mind & Body Connection

Have you ever slowed down just enough to see what’s in your mind? You may be surprised to see what you may find… After all, the mind and body are highly interconnected to one another.

Did you know that a person has approximately about 70,000 thoughts per day? That’s a lot of stuff going through our heads in any given day!

The thing is that many of us are not even aware of all these thoughts. Our minds jump from one thought to the next without us even noticing it… We cannot even remember half of the things we thought about the day before…

Out of all the thoughts you may have in one day…

  • How many thoughts do you think our positive ones?
  • What happens to the quality of your thoughts when you’re in a rut?
  • How many of the same thoughts have you been experiencing for years now becoming deeply rooted…turning into beliefs?

On the other hand,

How can you continue to instill, enhance and multiply the positive thoughts?

A good way to become mindful of the thoughts that are going through your head is by paying attention to how you feel.

Let’s try this simple but effective technique that can be done anywhere any time (even as you stand at the check out line). Start to pay attention to how you feel (emotions). Then become aware of your body feels. Next pay attention to your thoughts and the qualities of those thoughts.

Feeling good = positive thoughts while feeling upset, angry, etc = not so great thoughts.


Meditation is the best way to cleaning out the clutter in our minds. It helps us to relax, feel grounded and see things more clear. Not to mention that improves concentration and calms the nervous system.

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Meditation may come easy for some people but not to others just keep in mind that EVERYONE can meditate.

The key is PRACTICE… continuous practice. The best part is that:

  • No need fancy equipment or certain look
  • You don’t have go somewhere special
  • You can meditate in a quiet room in your home or office

When I feel out of alignment my first thought is “I don’t feel like meditating today… It’s ok I can do it tomorrow” but guess what? I know that right then is when I have to meditate the most… I make myself sit there and pay attention to the thoughts that come up.

Even though during those days my meditations are not the easiest ones, I always feel better afterwards…

Don’t get discourage if you notice negative thoughts come up. That is actually how the cleansing process begins!!! That is how we begin to get rid of the clutter that clouds our thinking.

I would love to hear what meditation practices have worked best for you and what results you have experienced.

Check out two of my guided meditations for Cultivating Self-Love and Feel Empowered just enter your information below. 


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