Core Strengthening Flow 🔥

Core Strengthening Flow - Adri Kyser

Core Strengthening Flow 🔥

Your core is at the very center of your every movement. From simple movements of your day-to-day life to your workout routines. This core strengthening flow workout will help you tone your deep abdominal muscles, glutes, and even your upper body. All important areas of a strong core in relation to movement, posture, and stability. 

Often time, people think that core workouts are only meant to target your abdominal muscles. The truth is that your core also refers to your back muscles. In my 600- hour Classical Pilates teacher training program, I learned that core is also referred to as the area covered from shoulder to shoulder all the way to above your knees. 

This implies that your shoulder girdle, pecs, back muscles, glutes, and upper things are key components. Working only on your abs and not your back can lead to imbalances. 

Core Muscles

Your core muscles include: your rectus abdominis (closest to the surface… Think “6 packs” ), transverse abdominis (the deepest internal core muscle. It wraps around your sides and your spine), erector spinae (a set of muscles in your back), and the internal and external obliques (the muscles on the sides of your body responsible for side bending and twisting).

Why Having A Strong Core Is Important? 

Your core helps to stabilize your body. It helps you move in proper balance and keep your body functioning properly.

Having a strong core helps to improve your posture, balance, and stability helping you prevent falls and injuries due to improper posture or range of movement. 

It also helps to reduce back pain and energetically speaking it helps you feel more confident, improves your digestion (food, ideas, emotions, etc). 

Core Strengthening Flow 🔥

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