Covellite Crystal – A Gateway Stone


This incredible and powerful Third Eye Chakra stone helps to unlock your psychic gifts. If you are ready to awaken your intuition and psychic abilities, Collevite is a great tool to assist you in this journey.

Covellite is also known as a gem of MIRACLES making it a great addition to your altar, meditation practice, and chakra work. A must-have to all spiritual crystal lovers.


🦋 Promotes the ability to manifest psychic visions and dreams
🦋 Helps to activate your psychic gifts
🦋 Strengthens faith and devotion
🦋 Brings positivity and joy into your life
🦋 Facilitates astral travel and helps you access past life memories
🦋 Third Eye Chakra activator helping you expand your vision, wisdom, and enhance your intuition
🦋 Helps release thought patterns that no longer serve you

All of my Crystals are Cleaned, Activated, and Blessed. They are infused with Reiki and positive energy so they are ready to use once you receive them. 

NOTE: The description of the metaphysical properties of the crystals is for information purposes only.

Get your Covellite crystal here

If you are new to crystals, check out Crystal and Crystal Healing course. You’ll learn how to get started, the best crystals to have in your toolbox, techniques for crystal and chakra healing, and more. 

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