Cultivating Self-Acceptance – Free Meditation & Aromatherapy Recipe

Cultivating Self-Acceptance | Adri Kyser

Cultivating Self-Acceptance 

One of my intentions for this year is to love myself more by cultivating self-acceptance regularly. I’m sure we can use a little more self- love don’t you think? 

If you’re not exactly sure where to start, I have a special essential oil that will help you get started… 

Bergamot Essential Oil – The Oil of Self-Acceptance 

Most people have never heard of Bergamot essential oil before. This incredible essential oil delivers powerful emotional healing and it is fantastic in assisting anyone seeking to increase self-love, self-acceptance and self-worth. 

Bergamot is a cross between a lemon and a sour orange with a distinctive, deep aroma.

This wonderful essential oil is  cold-pressed from its peel to extract the essential oils and it’s one of the ingredients in Earl Grey tea.

Bergamot essential oil helps to increase and strengthen one’s sense of self: self-love, self-worth, self-acceptance and self-awareness.

Did you know that essential oils can assist you emotionally as well physically and mentally? That is why I love using them so much!

Bergamot essential oil encourage us to let go of our fears of not being good enough and release what is holding us back due to fear of rejection. 

Bergamot essential oil is a great tool to assist us when doing our inner work. It also helps to cultivate self-love and self-acceptance with its wonderful citrus aroma. Pretty cool huh? In addition, this essential oil help us become more authentic and worry less about what others may think. 

Are you ready to give this oil a try?

This a great diffuser blend can get you started and it’s perfect for those times you are journaling, meditating or simply need a boost confidence throughout the day.

Motivation Diffuser Blend | Adri Kyser

Self-Acceptance Guided Meditation

You can also check out this wonderful guided meditation to Cultivate Acceptance in our lives!

Cultivating Self-Acceptance Guided Meditation | Adri Kyser



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