Cultivating Self-Love (Free Meditation Download)

Cultivating Self-Love | Guided Meditation | Adri Kyser

Cultivating SELF-LOVE.

Toady’s topic is Self-Love… And just a forewarning, I get really passionate about cultivating SELF-LOVE, like preaching type passionate.

WHY? I truly believe that without it… life can really suck!

If you cannot love yourself and you are constantly pointing out your flaws, how can you expect people to truly see you’re worthy of love? 

How many of you ever felt like you were no

  •  good enough, 
  •  pretty enough, 
  •  healthy enough, 
  •  strong enough… 

You get the idea…

Even when we actually know that this negative self-talk is not always accurate, we continue to distance ourselves from love… Self-Love.

This disconnection creates a vicious cycle where we desperately want to be loved, yet we don’t feel worthy of love.

We create negative self-talk and false beliefs telling us why we are not loved making us feel defeated and disconnect further from love… The cycle continues…

The constant negative self-talk continues to disconnect us from love… Self-Love.

I know this very well… I was told on multiple occasions that I was not good enough… Remarks about the way I looked, my weight, the way I talked, my accent, my shortcomings… all made me very self-conscious…

Learning to Cultivate Self-Love

I had to re-learn how to love my body, love myself, love who I am

In order to improve our self-esteem, we must stop comparing ourselves to others. We need to embrace those aspects and qualities we have and that we are proud of. 

When we love ourselves we automatically feel more confident, valued, worthy and life is simply better. We are able to surround ourselves with people that appreciate us and our outlook improves as well.

Warning: The road to cultivating self-love is never easy but it is so worth it!

There will be days when the negative self-talk kicks in but the key is to learn how to stop the negative self-talk on its tracks by choosing love instead. 

This does not mean that you will never feel any negative feelings or that negative thoughts won’t pop into your mind. 

What I mean is that instead of engaging in negative self-talk, you become aware of it. Pause. Question if those statements that you are telling yourself are really true and then choose to cultivate a positive statement instead.

Useful Tools

  • Meditation has been one of the most powerful tools to cultivate self-love on a daily basis.
  • Gratitude Practice. Practicing gratitude daily is one of the fastest ways to change how you feel and transform your life for the better
  • Spending time with people that love you. This will help you see yourself through their eyes, boost your self-esteem, and create a positive environment around you.

Today I want to give you two of my guided meditations to cultivate self-love and feel empowered. Enter your information below to receive your links to download them!

Enjoy this offer from my heart to yours!


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