Essential Oil Diffuser Blend for Self Love and Generational Healing

Essential Oils For Generational Healing | Adri Kyser

Essential Oils and Generational Healing

It’s no secret that using essential oils can increase your overall sense of wellness. But did you know that essential oils can help with generational emotional healing as well?

 Aromatherapy has been around for many centuries. It has been used worldwide for their many different benefits. Even the Bible makes reference to the use of essential oils.

One of the easiest way to use essential oils is by using a diffuser. In that way the entire family can get the benefits of the oils while the beautiful aroma continues to spread in your house or office. If you don’t know what diffuser to buy, send me an email and I can help you choose. I tried many of them and I know which ones are best.

One of my favorite Essential Oils Blend to diffuse is:

White Fir: Oil for Generational Healing and

Bergamot: Oil for Self-Love and Acceptance.

This blend helps to release generational information not longer needed  (like things our ancestors have to overcome, but are not longer applicable to us today) and it helps to embrace more self love and self acceptance ?

White Fir Essential Oil

It addresses patterns and traditions passed down from family member to family member. Some of these patterns are positive, while others are not. White Fir increases the individual’s chances of success by bringing up negative patterns to the surface so the individual can address them and heal them or let them go. In addition, this oil promotes positive healthy patterns, creating new pathways, and promotes spiritual protection.

Bergamot Essential Oil

It relieves feelings of despair, self judgment, and low self-esteem. Increases optimism, self acceptance, self-esteem, self love, and confidence. You can apply 1 drop to 3rd chakra and massage clock wise to boost this energy center. Please note: this oils is photosensitive when applied topically, reduce your exposure to the sun or use extra sun block. 

As an added bonus, you can diffuse this blend while practicing Yoga or a seated meditation to increase your mind, body and emotional connection.

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Getting Started with Essential Oils

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