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Yoga Teacher Training Programs

Yoga & Ayurveda Teacher Training Programs

Adri has taught numerous Yoga and Ayurveda Teacher Training programs across the country. She has also created a 200-hour Prana Vinyasa® Affiliate Program that can be taught in a 6-9 month cycle (depending on location and studio availability). In addition, she is leading 200 and 300-hour trainings in the Dallas area.

Each 200-hour Prana Vinyasa® Yoga Teacher Training Program offers:

  • Prana Vinyasa® teaching methodology
  • Wave Sequencing™ Method designed to create a seamless flow in teaching and way of practice
  • Energetic Alignment to identify, understand and embody the key actions within each asana
  • Basic Anatomy for teaching safe Yoga classes
  • Introduction to Ayurveda and Essential Oils for Healthy Living
  • Chakra overview
  • Practical teaching labs, group activities and self-exploration practices

The Art of Hands-on Assists

The Art of Hands-on Assists weekend module is open to anyone wanting to learn the physical and energetic alignment of yoga poses. If you are a yoga teacher wanting to enhance your teaching skills or if you are a yoga practitioner looking to deepen your understanding of yoga, you don’t want to miss this weekend event.

During this Yoga & Ayurveda teacher training program, we will breakdown each pose to better understand the movements of Prana, lines of energy, and the relationship of opposites in the body. We will discuss and practice how to open and strengthen the core structures to create the embodiment of each pose from head to toe.

In addition, we will learn how to safely offer verbal cues and physical touch so your students can safely practice simple to more advanced poses. 

Understand how certain poses are related and when connected together can enhance the opening, strengthening and the awakening of the body, improving your personal practice and/or teaching skills.

This teacher training module is open to the public. Whether you are interested in learning more about yoga to enhance your personal practice, looking to start a teacher training program, or a teacher ready to add another level to your teaching skills, this is the training for you!

Purpose of the Yoga & Ayurveda Teacher Training Programs module:

  • Deepen your understanding of the body mechanics needed for safe practice
  • Enhance your personal practice 
  • Use verbal cues and physical touch to support a healthy practice for your students 
  • Provide tools for teaching alignment in a vinyasa class setting
  • Focus on how to embody the energetic of the poses
  • Deepen the understanding of how to connect poses together that enhance the opening and strengthening of the body

“I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to learn and train with Adri as part of my 300-hr teacher training program! Adri teaches with detail and a strong emphasis on safety when it comes to yoga hands-on assists and adjustments. In addition, she makes sure each person in her training is sent off with encouragement and support. I so appreciate Adri’s wealth of knowledge and passion for cultivating and training informed, enthusiastic, and spirited yoga teachers.” Erika Record – Yoga Teacher

Embodying The Flow as Taught By Shiva Rea

Learn the art to Vinyasa Flow sequencing as created by Shiva Rea.

This teacher training module is open to the public. Whether you are interested in learning more about yoga to enhance your personal practice, looking to start a teacher training program, or as a teacher, you are ready to add another level to your teaching skills, this is the training for you!

During this 3-day weekend training, you will learn about vinyasa, Prana Vinyasa®, Shiva Rea’s Wave Sequencing™, multiple namaskars, movements of prana, vinyasa krama and more.

Purpose of this Yoga Teacher Training Program:

  • deepen your personal practice while exploring the creative potential of vinyasa in your life and mat
  • provide tools for teaching vinyasa and enlivening the flow of your classes
  • focus on how to embody the flow of daily life with the rhythms of teaching

“Thank you so much for the gift of this weekend, for sharing your love of the practice, your passion for teaching & your joy in every moment. You are creating something wonderful & I admire your dedication & vision. You are creating the tribe that you envisioned & I’m honored to call you a great teacher and friend.” Laura King – Yoga Teacher 

Intro to Ayurveda Teacher Training Programs

Ayurveda is the art and science of longevity and healthy living. Join Adri in this introductory weekend event, as we explore this ancient and natural approach on how to achieve balance and health, manage stress, and much more.

This workshop starts by introducing the Ayurvedic philosophical bases and why it is still relevant today. We will discuss the pillars of Ayurveda (Gunas, Elements, Doshas) and how you can easily incorporate foundational practices in your life for physical, emotional and mental health and wellness.

Topics Covered in Adri’s Yoga & Ayurveda Teacher Training Program:

  • Basic principles of Ayurveda
  • Ayurvedic view of the body, mind and spirit
  • Discussion of 5 Elements, 3 Doshas and Gunas
  • Your personal constitution (Prakriti) and possible areas of imbalance (vikruti)
  • Food guidelines for your constitution
  • Ayurvedic practices according to daily and seasonal cycles and how to incorporate them in your daily life

No prior experience in Ayurveda or yoga is necessary to attend this workshop

Yoga, Ayurveda and Aromatherapy

This empowering weekend event will teach you how to create short and simple yet powerful, therapeutic practices, that help achieve balance, ease and wellness for yourself at the physical, mental and emotional level.

We will review the 3 pillars of Ayurveda to gain a better understanding of yourself and recognize the different states/areas of balance and imbalance at any given time in order to create a daily and seasonal mini Yoga Practices from a therapeutic Ayurvedic approach.

In addition, you will learn simple ways to incorporate Aromatherapy in your Yoga practices to help balance doshas and chakras, promote emotional wellbeing, and increase relaxation.

You will leave the weekend with a short sequence of poses designed for your specific body type (according to Ayurveda’s principles) that you can do anytime especially when feeling out of balance.

Topics Covered in our Yoga & Ayurveda Teacher Training Programs:

  • Review basic principles of Ayurveda
  • Application of Ayurveda Principles to Yoga Sadhana
  • Yogic Consideration and Adaptations for each Dosha Constitution
  • Yoga Asanas for balancing each Dosha
  • Learn to create Yoga Classes and/or Home Practices using an Ayurvedic therapeutic approach
  • Aromatherapy application to balance Doshas and Chakras
  • Learn how to use Aromatherapy for specific themed Yoga Classes, home practices (detox, emotional well being, etc)
  • Pranayama practices (7 different techniques) as taught by Ayurveda expert and author Dr. Vasant Lad
  • Yoga teachers will learn how to create effective, healing and balancing yoga practices for private clients using keywords, appropriate asanas, and pranayamas, seasonal considerations, room set up, music
  • Yoga students will leave with a mini-sequence specially designed for the Ayurvedic constitution

“Adri, I have no words to express how wonderful this weekend’s teacher training was for me. You are such a beacon of light and your eloquent and elegant way of delivering your message will stay with me forever. I hope I can stay as true as possible to what I learned – and will continue to learn – to the training. Thank you, so much!” Sherry Andrusiak – Yoga Teacher

The Art of Intelligent & Advanced Sequencing 

Whether you are interested in learning how to enhance your personal practice, looking for new creative ways to sequence and brings poses to life, or you are ready to add another level to your teaching skills, this is the training for you!

During this weekend training you will learn about the art of intelligent sequencing, movements of prana, and vinyasa krama. We will discuss important aspects of teaching and experiencing well-sequenced classes no matter your students or your personal level of experience.

Purpose of this Yoga Teacher Training Programs:

  • Deepen your personal practice while exploring the creative potential of vinyasa both in your life and on the mat
  • Provide diverse tools for teaching helping your students get the most out of their practice
  • Understand how “sequencing” goes beyond the physical poses or asanas and how you can provide deeper and more powerful experiences to your students 
  • Deliver a well-rounded class to students that can help them feel empowered, transformed and more connected

 As a student, you will notice and “feel” how:

  • Your body responds to the positive effects of a well sequenced and rounded yoga class
  • You are well prepared to safely enter, sustain, and exit more complicated yoga poses
  • After class, you feel empowered, transformed and fully balanced at the physical, mental and emotional level

Yoga Teacher Training Programs training will help you enhance your sequencing skills by: 

  • Learning how to teach in Kramas or stages no matter the level of experience your students have
  • Knowing how to safely cue more complicated poses
  • Understanding when to add specific counterposes, things to do or avoid when sequencing specific poses

For more information on Yoga Teacher Training Programs to have Adri lead a workshop or teacher training session at your studio or facility, click here or email Adri at adri@adrikyser.com.

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