Full Body Strength & Mobility Workout 🔥

Full Body Strength & Mobility Workout - Adriana Kyser

Full Body Strength & Mobility Workout 🔥

Most people when they think of working out, picture gyms, and weight lifting. However, finding a balance between strength and mobility is key to a healthy body. This Full-Body Strength & Mobility Workout will help you tone and strengthen your body while improving mobility and flexibility. 

Is Mobility As Important As Strength Building? 

Mobility refers to the body’s ability to move. That means moving your joints and muscle flexibility are important. Mobility allows the body to move with a greater range of motion. Then you can build strength in these newly gained ranges.

Strength refers to your ability to exert great effort with your muscles and bones. Strong bones lower your risks of osteoporosis, fractures, etc. Keeping your muscles healthy and strong is important. However, most people lack strength variation. That is why is very important to vary your routine so you can see the gain in both your mobility and strength. 

How Will Mobility Really Help?

Yes! There are two main reasons to work on mobility:

  1. Injury prevention – lack of mobility and stability leads to about 90% of the injuries. No one career is about injury prevention until they are injured.
  2. Get stronger – limited range-of-motion translates to limited muscle growth. Having the proper range of muscles will help you get into, sustain, and exit the correct positions when exercising leading to muscle and strength growth. 

In addition, part of a healthy workout routine should include an active recovery day. Choose a low-intensity option like taking a yoga class or do one of your warmup routines that focuses on your trouble areas, like tight shoulders, hips, or hamstrings.

20-Minute Full Body Strength & Mobility Workout

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