Inspiration vs Competition

Inspiration vs Competition | Adri Kyser

Inspiration Vs Competition

When we think of yoga we may think about the poses we love, challenging poses, the way we feel during and after our practice, and the list go on. But have you ever associated yoga with competition?

We have become accustomed to how competitive life can be, especially in the corporate world and in sports. But did you ever imagine that yoga can be as competitive?

You may be in for a big surprise if your answer is … “No way. No in Yoga…”

I remember reading an article years ago about a Yoga Competition Event. I have to admit my eyes rolled in judgment (not my proudest moment).

I’ve been teaching for over 15 years and the more I practice and teach, the more I know that yoga is not about competition or the achievement of certain poses.

Yoga has helped and guided me on the path of self-acceptance, self-love, inspiration and finding my way back to myself…

I believe that there is a fine line between friendly competition including the kind of competition with ONE SELF for self-improvement and the competition that leads to feelings of jealousy, disempowerment, comparison and separation.

Comparison and Competition In The Yoga World

Many start the practice of yoga for different reasons, but for a lot of us what keeps us coming back to a yoga practice are the feelings of calmness, clarity, inspiration and overall well-being.

If this is the case for the majority, why is there so much comparison and competition in the yoga world?

Have you ever been in class where someone effortlessly seems to defy gravity and gets upside down as light as a feather while you are struggling to even comprehend how to begin?

As a yoga teacher have you ever wonder how the so called Yoga Rock Star got to where they are today while you’re doing your best to keep a good number of students attending your classes?

In the world of yoga topics like the law of attraction, intention, manifestation, abundance, are very common. Words like love, kindness, gratitude and union are used almost daily. But why does fear of lack, not being good enough, comparison, competition, seem to be also a norm?

I get it. We’re humans and sometimes the success of others creates a feeling of jealousy or separation instead of some form of inspiration.

I had my moments when I wished I could do a certain pose, or be better at something. Now I can honestly say that those moments have been the greatest source of inspiration for personal growth.

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There used to be a time when I felt not good enough to teach or to achieve certain things in life. I compared myself to others and to what they were able to do.

Finding Inspiration

Thankfully I realized that my success does not depend on anyone else BUT ME and recognizing this saved me a lot of heartache. Besides, success is very subjective and can mean and look differently for different people…

My mom always likes to say “What is meant for you is yours and no one nor anything can take it away from you”. Such wise words I keep in mind…

The next time you see someone get into a difficult pose, or achieve any type of success in life, get inspiredly their efforts and dedication they’d put into it.

Remember that by acknowledging their success it does not take anything away from you. It does not make you any less successful in your own right.

Recognizing their talents can be the greatest source of inspiration that can guide you to unlock your potential and success.

As yogis learning to walk on this path, let’s make the effort to support, encourage, and celebrate one another. When and if the feelings of competition and jealousy come up, don’t be hard or ashamed of yourself. It does not mean you are a bad person or yogi.

Take the time to recognize and seek why and where these feelings are coming from. Why? Because they’ve nothing to do with the other person, but they have a 100% to do with you.

When you celebrate and support others in their success, the more you will see them as sources of inspirations… guiding you towards your own success. In turn, you’ll become a source of inspirations to others as well.



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