Are Your Limiting Beliefs Holding You Back?

Release Limiting Beliefs - Adri Kyser

Are your limiting beliefs holding you back? 

In order to succeed in life and live the life you always wanted, you must address the limiting beliefs, blocks, and mindset that hold you back or keep you playing small.

This is what I call “doing your inner work”. This process will help you release the beliefs and blocks that hold you back so you can grow at the personal and professional levels. 

What are Limiting Beliefs?

Limiting beliefs are thoughts that once combined or reinforced by negative emotions, will impact your behavior (hold you back, create low self-esteem, etc).

Why do we have them?

  1. Learned behavior – these are behavioral patterns that we learned during our lives that get reinforced by emotions. We react, respond, or behave the same way as a defense mechanism. Often times, these beliefs run in the background whether we are conscious of them or not. It is like background noise we have become accustomed to and we no longer notice.  

  2. Generational DNA – some of these beliefs are passed down from generation to generation. Beliefs that our parents, grandparents, and great grandparents have and are passed to us from an early age.   Example: during the great depression, many people suffered great difficulty and scarcity… That extreme situation of not having enough created a behavioral pattern and belief that has been passed down to their kids and grandkids.  These patterns got reinforced by comments and behaviors over and over even when the circumstances are no longer the same. 

  3. Past Experiences – these are behaviors we’ve learned during or as a result of past experiences and circumstances that affected us deeply. Example:  Someone broke your trust in a past relationship and now you have a hard time trusting people…

Types of limiting beliefs and how they show up in our lives and businesses:

Many of these limiting beliefs are running in the background or in our subconscious mind. Many are not even aware that they feel or believe this way until we start doing their inner work.

  1. Not good enough / Acceptance — this is the number one limiting belief I see when working with clients.  I consider it to be the foundation of many other limiting beliefs as a result. 

  2. I’m not worthy –  feeling like you don’t deserve love, relationships, good things, etc. 

  3. Scarcity Mindset – feelings of lack and not having enough (money, time, experience, etc)

  4. Feeling alone –  like you don’t belong, you have to do it ill, no one understands you, you are guarded due to past hurts so you isolate yourself.

How to overcome limiting beliefs? How to know we are ready to heal them and release them?

  1. Awareness – Becoming aware is the first step since we cannot change what we don’t know.

  2. Make a list – write down the earliest memory in detail from that experience.

  3. Notice how these beliefs show up in your life today.

  4. Question those statements – Can the be untrue in any way? Are you emotionally attached to them? Are you ready to release them?

  5. Make a list of actionable steps to help you anchor the new statements and beliefs to replace these old patterns.

  6. TAKE ACTION – Nothing will change unless you take action – download my e-book to start and get the support you need. 

If you are ready to release limiting beliefs that are holding you back from… showing up, doing the work you were called to do, from living living your best life…

It’s time to take action and heal them. Download My FREE “From Limited To Limitless – Find Your Bliss Playbook” here.

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