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Happier, Healthier & Confident 4-Week Online Program

Our Online Wellness & Coaching Programs have proven results where clients experience Radiant Health, Deep Spiritual Connection, and Personal & Professional Growth.

The Happier, Healthier & Confident self-paced online Wellness program is a highly transformative course designed to bring growth, a sense of empowerment, and connection to any woman who wants to improve her life, and relationships and experience a greater sense of fulfillment.  

During these 4 weeks, you can expect to gain clarity, become more confident, connect with your intuition, and achieve personal growth. The best part you, it is all online and you can go at your own pace.

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Beginner’s Mind, Body & Spirit Reset 

Beginners Mind, Body Reset Online Program

The Beginner’s Mind, Body & Spirit reset online program is the perfect and affordable online program for anyone looking to De-Stress, Renew, And Reset Your Mind, Body & Spirit!

This Introductory Course has everything you need to restore, realign and grow into a New You!

This package includes my most popular courses so you can get back on the path to wellness with ease and joy!


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Chakra Balancing Online Program

Chakras Online ProgramHolistic wellness means living fully, wholeheartedly, and meaningfully.  This Chakra Balancing online program is designed to help you Enhance Your Intuition, Release Energy Blocks, And Awaken Your Inner Power. 

You will learn how to Unlock The Power Of Your Chakras With Simple Techniques that you can use on yourself and your family and friends! 

This online course will provide you with everything you need to heal your body, release blocked energy, and balance your mind body, and spirit. 


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Wellness Coaching and Mentorship Program 

Mentorship Program - Adri Kyser

Whether you are a new yoga teacher, life coach,  a seasoned teacher, or holistic wellness mentor trying to build your business and take your skills to a new level, the questions are always the same.  

What do I do next?

This is where Adri’s  Wellness Coaching Program can help you deepen your practice, enhance your teaching and coaching skills, and grow your business successfully!


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Private Coaching ProgramSoul Power Private (1:1) Coaching Program

Holistic wellness means living fully, wholeheartedly, and meaningfully. Enlightened Alchemy™ private coaching is designed to help you achieve optimum physical, mental, and emotional health.  

This fully customized wellness coaching program is designed to help YOU achieve A Healthy Body, Experience Meaningful Relationships, Improve Your Self-Worth, Emotional Balance, and Spiritual Connection so you can live life to the fullest.

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What Students are Saying…

Jennifer Cronkhite

“I had the pleasure of being amongst the first group of graduates from Adri’s Enlightened Alchemy program, and it has changed my life in so many ways. There were so many “AHA” moments throughout and things began to click into place. The material and course syllabus was well thought out and easily accessible. Adri is extremely knowledgeable on all the topics discussed throughout the course, she keeps her students engaged, and allows the channels of communication between teacher and student to be open and accessible at all times.

It was a privilege to have had the opportunity to learn from and for her to share her years of study with me. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to expand their knowledge of and quest for enlightenment.”

Jennifer Cronkhite

Kristine Disney

“When Adri contacted me in the fall of 2017 to participate in her Enlightened Alchemy course, I jumped at the chance! Adri did not disappoint. Each class contained nuggets of cherished information. Our homework was manageable. Her intuition was spot on for each student she reached out to during the course of our class time. I was dealing with a hip injury at the time, and her guidance was invaluable. I highly recommend this course for those who seek to deepen their learning around our chakra system, or want to experience leaps and bounds in personal growth. Adri helped me tremendously!”

Kristine Disney

Lorian Bates

“The Enlightened Alchemy™ course with Adri provided me with an experience of immense spiritual depth. The safety and guidance Adri creates through her connectedness and spiritual maturity yielded a program that helps healers find healing within and, somewhat of a revival. Be prepared to venture deeper, to gain new found confidence in hearing your inner voice to guide you in spirit and in practice.”

Lorian Bates

Pam Koenig

“Every time I engage with Adri, the experience is very meaningful and enlightening. I took a short online workshop about unblocking my money ceiling, and during the meditation a 13-month plan was clearly revealed to me. I took a 9-week online course with her that recently finished, and achieved many insights into my spiritual and physical lives. And she accessed my Akashic records, revealing support for many of my desires. Adri is extremely well-educated, and is supportive, loving, and helpful. I am grateful she is in my life.” ~ Pam Koenig

Lindsay Brewer

“I’ve had the privilege of attending 2 of Adri’s workshops. Her “Intro To Ayurveda” class literally changed my life and the way I look at my overall health and wellness, mentally and physically. She has a teaching style that is captivating. Thanks for helping me on my journey Adri!” ~ Lindsay Brewer

Janet Lenco

“I have recently completed a beautiful short wellness course with Adri which I found very valuable with beautiful pearls of wisdom. I experienced some aha moments & realized that for things to change I must take change & take action & responsibility for my health & wellbeing. Adri has so many talents & gifts to share with the World & is the perfect role model of serenity & grace, vitality & wellness.” ~ Janet Lenco

Kathie Britton

“Love Adri! She is the ‘total package’ when it comes to yoga and wellness. I take her yoga classes weekly and have gone through her Ayurvedic Medicine workshop, Essential Oil workshop, as well as her 28 Day Cleanse and all, were excellent. I am looking forward to my Akashic Records session in the near future. If you’re thinking of venturing into yoga and wellness I highly recommend Adri. You will not be disappointed.” ~ Kathie Britton

Amanda Mohler

“Adri, thank you so much. Over the last couple of months learning from you in the Enlightened Alchemy Facebook group about crystals and then this weekend learning about Ayurveda has awakened me to grow and learn more tools to heal myself. You are amazing!” ~ Amanda Mohler

Amy Comerford

“I just met Adri this weekend in a transformative workshop. I feel so excited to be taking more steps on my path towards health and wellness. I purchased the spiritual connection kit and combined it with one of my crystals I already had. I placed this next to my bed last night and had the best sleep I have had since I can remember and woke up feeling refreshed, alive, and connected. Empowered, confident, and whole. Everything is coming together. Thank you thank you thank you. My heart is full of gratitude and joy.”

Amy Comerford


“Adri was understanding and challenging as a YTT instructor. She helped us understand sequences within the class and proper alignment for best results, progressions and prevention of injury. I would highly recommend Adri for her knowledge of the practice, passion to teach and understanding of some of the specific needs of the female body, mind and spirit. I felt privileged to be taught by Adri!”

Ontario Canada