Raising Your Money Ceiling

Raise Your Money Ceiling - Adri Kyser

Would you like to experience abundance in all areas of your life? Are you ready to raise your money ceiling and improve your relationship with money? 

People fail to realize that money is also a form of energy. That energy that responds to your vibration and your belief around money, abundance, and worthiness.

Does this sound familiar?

  • “I have to work hard in order to make money”
  • “Money Does not grow on trees”
  • “You cannot charge that much, people won’t buy it”
  • “This is the only way I can make money”
  • “No asking for a well-deserved raise”
  • “Life is so hard, I’m constantly struggling”
  • “I don’t seem to ever get ahead”
  • “No investing in yourself, your business or not taking action on things you know will help you improve because you don’t want to spend money”

It is very important to recognize when these patterns and beliefs come up so you can do healing and energy work to heal and to help you breakthrough your money ceiling and expand into higher money consciousness.

What is a money ceiling?

Money ceiling is a cap that you cannot surpass in spite of your best efforts from getting a new job, changing careers, saving extra money. reducing expenses… You continue to make the same amount year after year.

Here are some examples of what a money ceiling looks like:

  • A balance in your bank account that never goes past a particular amount (this is usually a very specific number)
  • Consistently making close to the same amount of money month after month and year after year
  • Receiving additional cash and shortly after somehow you have to spend all of it on an unexpected expense
  • A revolving door of clients or students that come and go so you don’t have a steady income

The list goes on and you will notice it your money ceiling once you start to look for it. I’ve personally experienced the transformational shift once I took specific steps to raise my money ceiling.

It has been an incredibly eye-opening experience and things began to shift once I did some energy work to heal limiting beliefs and patterns that have been passed down through generations.


  • Remove many money blocks 
  • Improve your relationship with money
  • Heal Negative Generational DNA patterns around money
  • Open up to TRUE abundance, improve your relationship with money, unplug from the energy of lack, and much more.

This Class will be on November 11th at 9:00 am CST. You will receive the recording as well so you can listen to it as often as you need to so each time the healing can go to a deeper level.

Investment is only $77 for this 90-MINUTE Masterclass and a recording for you to keep. Each time you listen to the recording the deeper the healing will go. 

REGISTER HERE http://bit.ly/2qqIxEe 

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