3 Reasons to Embrace Discomfort

3 Reasons Why You Should Embrace Discomfort | Adri Kyser

Why Should you Embrace your Discomfort? 

We find it extremely hard to accept the reasons and embrace our discomfort. As human beings, we seek to avoid pain and discomfort. It’s a natural human response. No one wants to be in pain, right? We are so used to the comforts of our modern world that most times we take those comforts for granted.

This summer we visited the sacred Yosemite National Park since it’s a short 2.5-hour drive from our family’s cabin. We camped overnight in the valley in a tiny cabin/tent with a very primitive bed arrangement. Despite the cabin/tent’s simplicity, it’s an incredible bonding experience. Especially with our 14-year-old son staying in the cabin/tent with us.

The next day, our valley tour guide explained how people, back in the late 1800s and early 1900s, made it into the National park. Many visitors had to travel by boat, then travel by carriage/coach through the mountains… In one area, the workers had to take the carriage apart, cross the river with the parts, assemble the carriage again, load visitors, and ride a few more days until they made it into the Valley. Upon arrival, visitors were hosed down to remove the dust on their bodies and clothing… I don’t think many people would take a trip like that today, do you?

Dean Karnazes, a long-distance runner, and author of Ultramarathon Man: Confessions of an All-Night Runner  makes an important point that many of us have forgotten:

“Western culture has things a little backwards right now. We think that if we had every comfort available to us, we’d be happy. We equate comfort with happiness. And now we’re so comfortable we’re miserable. There’s no struggle in our lives. No sense of adventure. We get in a car, we get in an elevator, it all comes easy. What I’ve found is that I’m never more alive than when I’m pushing and I’m in pain, and I’m struggling for high achievement, and in that struggle I think there’s a magic.”

I truly believe we should learn to embrace the occasional discomfort that comes into our lives, whether this discomfort happens by chance or deliberately, like holding a challenging yoga pose.

Being too comfortable for too long can lead to discontent, laziness, a sense of entitlement, and even stagnation.

Here are 3 reasons why we should embrace discomfort and step out of our comfort zone

1- Discomfort forces us to learn something new. It teaches us to expand our horizons and acquire new skill sets.

2-  Discomfort leads to growth: it forces us to change, stretch our limits and beliefs, it pushes us to move forward in life. Discomfort may show up as a sign. Telling you it’s time to move or change jobs, or fix something that’s not right…

3- Discomfort makes you stronger: what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger right? Think about when you are exercising and something is challenging, or have to speak in public or you have to do something a different way.

There used to be a time when speaking/teaching yoga in English was very uncomfortable and somewhat painful. Over time, it became easier and more natural for me. I still get nervous from time to time but I realize the discomfort helped me grow and accomplish things I never thought possible.

I invite you to embrace discomfort and step out of your comfort zone instead of shrinking or feeling inadequate because of it. 

The truth is that we either get too comfortable, to the point of stagnation, or we step out of our comfort zone in order to grow and thrive.

What areas in your life can you grow and embrace the discomfort that comes with it?

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