Stepping Out Of The Spiritual Closet

I’m finally coming out of the Spiritual Closet! Over the years, I struggled with being “Spiritual” and owning it.

I always had this calling to go deeper, learn different holistic techniques, and experience different Spiritual practices. 

I’m fortunate that my mom introduced me to wellness and spirituality at an early age. One of the most valuable things she taught me was to be able to connect with God, all I had to do was go within.

Being a spiritual person does not mean you have to be a Saint, or that everything in your life is perfect, or that challenges won’t arise.

Knowing this was a relief.  In the past, I felt that in order to claim myself as spiritual, I had to have all the answers, achieve intense knowledge, and do incredible things….

In this 6 minute video, I talk about how I’m coming out the spiritual closet.  

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