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Contouring and Sculpting Bian Stone. Anti-Aging 7 Edge Gua Sha Stone For Face & Body.

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These 100% authentic and natural Bian Stones are truly beautiful, unique, and effective massaging tools for the face and body. These custom-crafted 3D pieces have 7 different special shapes, ridges, and hook-edge ideal for tension release, contouring, and sculpting.

Each edge of this facial and body massage tool has been intentionally designed to enhance the practice of your Gua Sha beauty ritual. Your Gua Sha stone will come in a complimentary pouch bag and card.

These Gua Sha tools are made of natural Bian Stone unlike most other tools made out of quartz. Bian stones are said to come from a Meteor that hit Shandong China over 65 million years ago. As a result, it said Bian stones emit infrared rays and negative ions which are wonderful for your health.

🦋Bian stone is rich in 40+ minerals, that have been praised in Chinese Medicine for its healing benefits, skin rejuvenating properties, and rejuvenating anti-aging effects.

- Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
- Tones, sculps, and lifts
- Reduces stress
- Promotes Lymphatic drainage
- Stimulates Collagen
- Improves elasticity
- Increases circulation
- Glowing skin

Each stone is natural, handmade, and unique. Therefore product may slightly vary in color, pattern, curves, veins, and weight.

🌺 VIDEO TUTORIAL: Go to my video tutorial for a full face and neck massage

🦋All of my Crystals are Cleaned, Activated, and Blessed. They are infused with Reiki and positive energy so they are ready to use once you receive them. 🦋

*Metaphysical properties of the crystals are for information purposes only.
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