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Why Practice Yoga?

Why Should I practice Yoga? Adri Kyser

Why the Practice of Yoga is for you? The practice of yoga has been around for thousands of years. In today’s world, yoga has gained global popularity due to the many benefits linked to regular practice. There is a reason why doctors are now suggesting to their patients to try yoga as a way to… Read more

Why Should I Practice Yoga?

Adri Kyser

Why Should I Practice Yoga? I witness first hand the positive changes the practice of yoga can make in people’s lives. Yoga is more than a series of poses or exercises and twisting yourself like a pretzel. The word yoga means to unite, yoke, bring together. I like to think of yoga as the tool or… Read more

8 Unexpected Benefits Of Practicing Yoga

8 Unexpected Benefits of Practicing Yoga! It’s time to unroll your yoga mat and start experiencing some of the most obvious benefits of yoga- stress relief, increased flexibility, and a general sense of calmness. But did you know, participating in a yoga program can also greatly benefit your work, relationships, brain health, and much more… Read more