Healing Crystals

White Aragonite - Adri Kyser

WHY GET ARAGONITE CRYSTAL?  These beautiful and natural White Aragonite Crystals have other names like “Cave Calcite” and “Flowers of Iron”. Their impressive and unique branches and points make each piece truly unique. They remind me of coral reefs. Especially since these pieces have bright white crystals that when seen under UV light they turn green… Read more

Why Get A Covellite Crystal?

WHY GET A COVELLITE CRYSTAL?  Covellite is a powerful Gateway Stone. As a result, this incredible Third Eye Chakra stone helps to unlock your psychic gifts. Covellite Crystal is a great tool to assist you in this journey to awaken your intuition and psychic abilities. Covellite – the gem of MIRACLES. Use Covellite crystal to co-create miracles in… Read more