Living Your Purpose

Living Your Purpose The other day I was talking to one of my clients. She asked me “How do I know when I’m living my purpose? I created this video to help answer some of the questions I get about living one’s purpose, filling fulfilled, and making a difference. For more information on how I… Read more

7 Ways to Embrace Your Life Through Self Acceptance The other day I was planning my yoga class and a theme popped into my head. I heard the word “acceptance” then more specifically “self-acceptance”. For reasons unknown to me, I felt compelled to search the meaning of this word. The following definition  led to further thinking “Acceptance: the action or process of… Read more

Stepping Out Your Comfort Zone

Stepping out of comfort zone | Adri Kyser

Stepping Out Your Comfort Zone When I started doing yoga regularly, I fell in love with the practice and how it made me feel. The immediate release of stress and relief from my previous back pain sparked my passion for yoga. I never thought that one day I would be stepping out of my comfort zone… Read more

3 Reasons Why You Should Embrace Discomfort | Adri Kyser

Embracing Discomfort  As human beings, we seek to avoid pain and discomfort. It’s a natural human response. No one wants to be in pain, right? We are so used to the comforts of our modern world that most times we take those comforts for granted. This summer we visited the sacred Yosemite National Park since… Read more

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