7 Ways to Embrace Your Life Through Self Acceptance The other day I was planning my yoga class and a theme popped into my head. I heard the word “acceptance” then more specifically “self-acceptance”. For reasons unknown to me, I felt compelled to search the meaning of this word. The following definition  led to further thinking “Acceptance: the action or process of… Read more

Cultivating Self-Love | Guided Meditation | Adri Kyser

Cultivating SELF-LOVE. Toady’s topic is Self-Love… And just a forewarning, I get really passionate about cultivating SELF-LOVE, like preaching type passionate. WHY? I truly believe that without it… life can really suck! If you cannot love yourself and you are constantly pointing out your flaws, how can you expect for people to truly see your worthy… Read more

Cultivating Self-Acceptance | Adri Kyser

Cultivating Self-Acceptance  One of my intentions for this year is to love myself more by cultivating self-acceptance regularly. I’m sure we can use a little more self- love don’t you think?  If you’re not exactly sure where to start, I have a special essential oil that will help you get started…  Bergamot Essential Oil –… Read more

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