yoga for beginners

Pajamas, Yoga & Sound Healing Class

Pajamas, Yoga & Sound Healing Learn how yoga and sound healing can help you relax, renew, and improve your health. This class is a wonderful addition to any bedtime routine or when you need to release the stress from the day. During this yoga class, I combine a few gentle movements and a short sound… Read more

8 Unexpected Benefits Of Practicing Yoga

Practicing Yoga It’s time to unroll your yoga mat and start experiencing some of the most obvious benefits of yoga; stress relief, increased flexibility and a general sense of calmness. But did you know, participating in a yoga program can also greatly benefit your work, relationships, brain health and much more? That’s right, yoga is… Read more

7 Chakra System For Beginners- Adri Kyser

The 7 Chakras System – The Sacred Centers of The Body It’s my goal to explain the 7 chakra system in easy and simple ways that is perfect for beginners. The chakra system originated in India. It was brought to the Western culture by the practice and study of the Yoga tradition. This system represents… Read more

Choosing The Best Yoga Mat for You | Adri Kyser

Choosing The Best Yoga Mat For YOU! Whether you’re an avid practitioner or new to yoga, choosing the best yoga mat for your needs may be easier than you think. There are so many options and alternatives to choose from. To avoid confusion and become overwhelmed in your search, take into consideration these 5 basic… Read more

Meditation for Brain Health

Meditation for Brain Health | Adri Kyser

Meditation for Brain Health Yoga and Meditation have been linked to an array of benefits like reducing stress, better sleep, mental clarity, increased energy, improved physical performance, brain health, and overall wellness. Over the years many studies have been conducted to explain how and why meditation can actually change your BRAIN! Studies about what happens… Read more

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