Cindy Karr

“Your cleanse WAS AMAZING! Never, never, did I see such prep, organization, well-planned guidance, group support, THE WHOLE SHABANG!! YOU have all of the aspects to make this work! Mentally/ emotionally had support, educating us on nutrition, how our body functioning relates and can change, how we can monitor it with PH…the recipes, and also your timeline. I have taken away so very much. I plan to do the cleanse from now on 3 times per year. I have to also share that I lost 6 more pounds, and wait- my measurements: LOST 4.5″ – WAIST • LOST 4″ – BELLY • LOST 1.5″ – BUTTOX • LOST 2″ – THIGH • LOST none on arms.

I don’t have aches and pains anymore, I sleep better, I don’t crave sweets, I can do my Paleo diet without it being such a burden…exercise has gotten easier! LIFE CHANGING is all I can say, and a big THANK YOU ADRI for your guidance and support!”


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