Best 5 Stretches For Your Chest

Adri Kyser

A wellness guru when it comes to at-home workouts. She's taught yoga and specialty events all over the world using her methodical, guided approach.

These poses will help you: - Open the chest -Stretch your pecs  - Stretch your shoulders and triceps - Counteract slouching -Increase diaphragmatic breathing -Release tension and tightness 

Supported Chest & Shoulder Stretch

1 Block Between Your Shoulder Blades 1 Under Your Head

5-8 Breaths

2- Child Pose With Tricep Stretch

Hold for 5-8 Breaths

3- Chest & Shoulder Pulses

3- Chest & Shoulder Pulses

5-8 Rounds

4- Pecs & Belly Stretch

Hold For 3-5 breaths

5- Prone Chest & Side Opener

Hold for 5-8 Breaths