Yoga Poses For  Better Digestion

Adri Kyser

A wellness guru when it comes to at-home workouts. She's taught yoga and specialty events all over the world using her methodical, guided approach.

These yoga poses are designed to: - Improve digestion - Promote regularity - Reduce bloating - Relieve constipation Practice this sequence  3-4 times per week for better results.


5-8 Breaths

Option to gently rock  side to side

Supine Twist

5-8 Breaths

Yogi Squat

5-8 Breaths

Don't go as low if you have sensitive knees

Lunge Twist

5-8 Breaths

Bring the back knee down for balance and support

Knee To Nose Forward Fold

5-8 Breaths

Bend the knees if your back bothers you