Yoga Poses  To Relieve Shoulder Pain

Adri Kyser

A wellness guru when it comes to at-home workouts. She's taught yoga and specialty events all over the world using her methodical, guided approach.

If you are in pain, check with your doctor before  exercising. This sequence is  designed to relieve minor aches and pains due to tight shoulders, stress, and poor posture.

- Adri Kyser

Shoulder Rolls

Rolling your shoulders will help you loosen up tight muscles and increase range of motion. Make sure you roll the shoulders in both directions.


8-10 Reps

Shoulder Stretch On Your Side


-Start on your belly and turn your head to one side - Place hand under the shoulder - Extend the opposite arm to the side. Palm up or down. - Carefully roll to your side

5-8 Breaths

Thread The Needle


- Start on your hands and knees - Inhale lift one arm - Exhale thread the arm under  - Place ear on the mat - Extend the opposite arm forward

5-8 Breaths

Supported Puppy Dog Pose


- Start on your hands and knees - Place blocs in front of you - Place your hands on the blocks - Keep the arms straight  - Exhale let your chest sink  towards the mat

3-5 Breaths

Cow Face Arm Prep


-Inhale arms up - Exhale bend the elbows - Place the palms opposite  elbows - Let gravity assist you in the stretch. Switch sides

5-8 Breaths

Supported Fish Pose


- Place a block on the mat - Lay on the block placing the tips  of your shoulder blades on the  block - Place another block under your head

8-10 Breaths

Practice these poses 3 times per week to keep shoulders and chest from getting tight

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