Gentle Yoga Poses To  Rehab Bursitis

Adri Kyser

A wellness guru when it comes to at-home workouts. She's taught yoga and specialty events all over the world using her methodical, guided approach.

Bursitis refers to inflammation of the bursa sack. After getting cleared from your DR. to start exercising these series of poses can help you relief pain, strengthen and stretch the hips.  Start slow and stop if pain increases or when you feel pain.

Hip Rotator Stretch

15-30 Seconds X2

Gently press the knee away from the body until you feel the stretch

Ankle of injured hip on top of the thigh

It Band Stretch

Use a Strap - Bring the leg across until you feel the stretch 

15-30 Seconds X2

Side Leg Rises

8-12 times

Lift leg - Hold for 5 sec. Slowly lower leg. Keep legs and hips even

Injured hip on top

Clam Shell

5-8 Reps

Injured hip on top

Feet together, lift top knee Hold for 6 secs. Slowly lower

Bridge Pose

5-8 Breaths

Keep feet and knees hip width. Toes forward

Knee to Chest

8 -10 Breaths

Outer Hip + Glute Stretch

8 Breaths

Start with the injured hip - Cross one leg over the other hold - Switch legs

Practice these exercises  2-3 times per week  for better results!