Why Should I Practice Yoga?

Adri Kyser

Why Should I Practice Yoga?

I witness first hand the positive changes the practice of yoga can make in people’s lives.

Yoga is more than a series of poses or exercises and twisting yourself like a pretzel. The word yoga means to unite, yoke, bring together.

I like to think of yoga as the tool or practice that can help you bring all aspects of yourself that have been fragmented, disjointed, separated due to past experiences, beliefs, and trauma.

A regular yoga practice can help you heal from the inside out so that you can feel whole, happy, and live a purposeful life.

The best part is that yoga is for everyone regardless of age, gender, background or religion. 

Benefits of Practicing Yoga

Here are four of the many benefits of Yoga:

Practice Yoga To Increase Flexibility - Adri Kyser
Practice Yoga For Pain Relief - Adri Kyser
Practice Yoga To Reduce Stress - Adri Kyser
Practice Yoga For Better Sleep - Adri Kyser

Let Me Ask You

What do you need the most right now, better sleep, reduce stress, more flexibility, or pain relief? 

You don’t have to choose. You can experience all of these and more with a regular yoga practice.  It’s never too late to start a yoga practice. Give yoga a try and see your life transform.

If you’re not ready for group classes at the gym or studio, I suggest getting started with some private lessons or with online classes

Ready to Start a Yoga Practice?

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