Yoga Sequence For Strong Arms & Core

Yoga Sequence For strong Arms & Core - Adri Kyser

Yoga Sequence For Strong Arms & Core!

Upper body strength refers to the ability of the body to exert a maximum force against an external object using the upper body muscles. This short Yoga Sequence For Strong Arms & Core will help you tone and strengthen your arms, shoulders, and core.

Why Having A Strong Upper Body Is Important? 

Having strong arms and core is important since the upper body controls your ability to perform everyday activities.  Activities like reaching, pulling, pushing, and lifting are part of our daily routines. When you have a strong upper body your flexibility, mobility, and range of motion improve.

In addition, the upper body muscles help you lift heavy items. When your arms and shoulders are weak your lower back muscles often have to compensate. This compensation can lead to a strain, back pain, or injury.

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