Eileen Yuile

“I had the opportunity for a weekend immersion with Adri, and I’m a better teacher and yogi for attending. She is a wealth of knowledge and her passion is contagious! I learned techniques that are already having a positive impact on my students and myself. Her supportive and encouraging nature helped me to feel confident and engaged. Thank you, Adri!” ~ Eileen Yuile

Terri Langley

“Adri, thanks for leading such a wonderful Hands-On Assisting and Connecting course this past weekend. Because of your Hands-On course, I was able to approach my class with confidence and knowledge. I was able to fully engage with my clients and help them open and achieve a deeper posture. I received great feedback! Thanks again.” ~ Terri Langley

Sherri H.

“Adri’s private sessions have provided me with personal insight that I could not have gotten on my own. Her wisdom and calmness guided me through a blockage I didn’t want to deal with. But with her patience and thoughtfulness, I was able to process situations in my past to help me move forward.” ~ Sherri H.

Teri Scott

“Thank you so much! I’m blessed that God had put you in my life. Many blessings to you.” ~ Teri Scott

Janet Lenco

“I have recently completed a beautiful short wellness course with Adri which I found very valuable with beautiful pearls of wisdom. I experienced some aha moments & realized that for things to change I must take change & take action & responsibility for my health & wellbeing. Adri has so many talents & gifts to share with the World & is the perfect role model of serenity & grace, vitality & wellness.” ~ Janet Lenco

Pam Koenig

“Every time I engage with Adri, the experience is very meaningful and enlightening. I took a short online workshop about unblocking my money ceiling, and during the meditation a 13-month plan was clearly revealed to me. I took a 9-week online course with her that recently finished, and achieved many insights into my spiritual and physical lives. And she accessed my Akashic records, revealing support for many of my desires. Adri is extremely well-educated, and is supportive, loving, and helpful. I am grateful she is in my life.” ~ Pam Koenig

Lindsay Brewer

“I’ve had the privilege of attending 2 of Adri’s workshops. Her “Intro To Ayurveda” class literally changed my life and the way I look at my overall health and wellness, mentally and physically. She has a teaching style that is captivating. Thanks for helping me on my journey Adri!” ~ Lindsay Brewer

Lisa Bose

Akashic Record Session – “I received some amazing guidance from Adri yesterday and am so grateful as the guidance she gave me came at just the right time and completely resonated with me! Thank you so much Adri, I really appreciate it and will follow your guidance.” ~ Lisa Bose

Kathie Britton

“Love Adri! She is the ‘total package’ when it comes to yoga and wellness. I take her yoga classes weekly and have gone through her Ayurvedic Medicine workshop, Essential Oil workshop, as well as her 28 Day Cleanse and all, were excellent. I am looking forward to my Akashic Records session in the near future. If you’re thinking of venturing into yoga and wellness I highly recommend Adri. You will not be disappointed.” ~ Kathie Britton

Steph Gomez

“It was so delightful to meet Adri and to experience my first akashic record session with her. She made it a wonderful and comfortable session. The messages my guides provided to her was to help me clarify my current situation. She highlighted the areas I need to focus on, heal and integrate to achieve the results I’ve been striving for. Her energy is very easy going and has a lovely personality. Looking forward to many more sessions in the future with her. Namastè” ~ Steph Gomez

Amanda Mohler

“Adri, thank you so much. Over the last couple of months learning from you in the Enlightened Alchemy Facebook group about crystals and then this weekend learning about Ayurveda has awakened me to grow and learn more tools to heal myself. You are amazing!” ~ Amanda Mohler

Amanda Leduc

“Private Prenatal Yoga & Wellness Sessions: “As a sickly, former drug addict, I would not have made it through my labor without medical intervention if it had not been for the breathing, visualization and stretching techniques Adri taught me in my last trimester. Moreover, she continues to impact my life to this day, while I live too far away to study at her feet the personal development she introduced me to continues to grow my mind and spirit. I would highly recommend Adri not just as a Yogi but a teacher in wellness, mind, body and spirit.” ~ Amanda Leduc

Melissa Clarke

“I have been working with Adri, and participating in her wellness program, for a couple of months now. She has helped me get to a more peaceful and self nurturing place in my life, which required work on my part, but the rewards have been immeasurable. I would encourage anyone seeking a healthier life, physically, spiritually and emotionally, to invest in yourself and take this challenge. You will be so grateful you did.” ~ Melissa Clarke

Robin Moore

“Adri’s yoga sessions are the most empowering and uplifting out there! Private sessions with Adri focus on what is needed, when it is needed and she has an uncanny ability to understand how far she can take you – farther than you thought you could take yourself. Her message and lessons are inspiring and reinvigorating every session. Never boring, never duplicated, and always personal. The only way to go – you will not find another instruction this intuitive to your ability and state of mind!” ~ Robin Moore

Sara Alavi

“Adri is one of the most knowledgeable Yoga and Ayurveda teachers in the world! I admire her integrity, dignity and moral standards very much and I consider myself very blessed to have her in my life as a sister, teacher, colleague and friend. Thank you Adri!” ~Sara Alavi

Rick Robinette

“I have found Adri Kyser to be the premier Pilates teacher in the greater Dallas area. Adri displays the unique ability to fine-tune each Pilates session exactly for what my body needs during that particular session.
Her detailed manner and watchful eye always ensures maximum gains for my core strengthening goals. And believe me…no matter what shape you’re currently in, Adri will use her exacting skills as a Pilates teacher to help you quickly achieve your fitness goals, too.” ~ Rick Robinette

Kelli B.

“Really enjoyed the beautiful dance of yoga! Thank you! Namaste” ~ Kelli B.


“My oils are my go to for everything from air freshener to seasonal symptom reducer and respiratory support. I love them!” ~ Anna


“I recently had the good fortune to be part of a yoga retreat in Bali with Adri Kyser and I have to say it was a trip of a lifetime. The resort was lovely, the food spectacular and the views breathtaking. We practiced yoga in an open pavilion overlooking the lush tropical rain forest and surrounded by nature. The overall experience was transforming, peaceful and uplifting. Adri did a fantastic job organizing the trip and all of our excursions. Thank you, Adri!” ~ Heidi


“Adri has developed one of the most thorough, comprehensive and effective wellness programs. It goes beyond a typical cleanse. Adri expertly guides you on all levels beyond just the physical, incorporating the emotional and spiritual aspects as well. The detailed trackers, guides, recipes in addition to the daily support you receive make the program effortless and so easy to follow. It is truly more of a lifestyle guide versus “just a cleanse.” Thank you Adri for your dedication to health and wellness. You are a true inspiration.” ~ Vonda

Charlotte M.

“Thank you Adri for an amazing weekend! I learned a lot to apply to my yoga practice as well as the classes I teach. I look forward to attending more of your workshops and trainings.” ~ Charlotte M.


“Loving your DVD, Adri Kyser! Woke up and did it this morning, before taking off to Tampa for a few days – great way to stretch and feel great before sitting on a plane.” ~ Ann


“My introduction to essential oils and consultations with Adri Kyser changed my perception of how knowledge, understanding and application of the oils can positively impact my life. I can, on a daily basis, give my body what it needs whether it be uplifting, calming, healing (physically or emotionally), grounding or just plain joy. Thank you Adri!” ~ Cindy


“I have had the pleasure of working with Adri on several different occasions over the past 2 years. Along with that I have been able to attend her Ayurvedic Medicine Workshop as well as learning about using essential oils as a way to enhance my health. Adri has a unique way of listening carefully to questions and concerns and addressing them completely. I can honestly say that in the past 2 years my life has certainly changed for the better due to Adri’s presence in it. I feel amazing both physically and emotionally and should something change, the first person I would reach out to would be Adri.” ~ Kathie

Natasha Walters

“A huge thank you to Adri Kyser for sharing your energy with us. We love you!!!!” ~ Natasha Walters

Michael Sand

“Adri, you are such a kind person. I have so immensely enjoyed being in your class…your passion, your sincerity, and your insights. Thanks for all that you do” ~ Michael Sand

Ellen Lindop

Dear Adri – I wanted to thank you for such a wonderful experience in Santorini. It was my first time on a Yoga Retreat and I hope it is not my last. The Yoga classes were invigorating and challenging and you kept us centered on what each person can do given our individual differences of where we are on our Yoga journey. The resort was amazing and the shared activities on the island were absolutely perfect. From the Sunset Cruise on the South Aegean Sea, the Wine Tasting Tour, the cooking classes with Maria learning to make Greek dishes to the 10-kilometer hike on the Caldera from Fira to Oia It was an awesome way to experience the culture. The group of people were fabulous. Thank you” ~ Ellen Lindop

Janell Herrick – India Retreat

“I loved the India retreat. Everything about it …the location especially the wildlife, the hotels, and staff. The women who were a part of our group became family. This trip was life-changing for me. I learned so much about myself. Excited for the next adventure.” – Janell Herrick

Laura webber Coles – Santorini

“The week I spent in Santorini with Adri was nothing less than bliss.  It was my first solo trip travelling almost 30 hours to arrive.  Any nerves I had were put to rest right away, as I met other loving souls with whom I still stay in contact with on social media over a year later.  The accomodation was beautiful and the excursions were all very well planned.  Adri was very thoughtful and made sure I felt part of the group.  Thank you again Adri for this beautiful experience which will be in my heart forever.”  -Laura Webber Coles

Jennifer Chronchite – Santorini

I absolutely loved the yoga retreat to Santorini!  From the moment I stepped foot off of the plane, I felt taken care of and looked after.  That was a big plus for this nervous traveler!

Adri meticulously created a five-star experience in every way; from the accommodations and staff, to the food, the yoga, and the excursions.  I felt the retreat had a good balance of planned activities and free time to explore on our own.

I even developed lifelong friendships from the other retreat participants.  It was truly an experience of a lifetime and would go again in a heartbeat!