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My Etsy Crystal Store

As an Alchemist, I use diverse techniques and holistic tools to help me achieve overall health and wellness. I love working with crystals and other sacred tools as part of my daily routine, spiritual practice, and wellness journey.

Many of my students, friends, and clients asked me to list my beautiful crystal pieces online and that’s HOW MY ETSY store was born.

Crystals & More

The Enlightened Alchemy™ Etsy Store is your one-stop destination for beautiful HAND-PICKED crystals and special tools to help you create a sacred space in your home, office or special room.

Our goal is to provide you with a gorgeous collection of crystals, holistic tools, and custom kits designed with their metaphysical properties in mind to assist you during your quest for overall physical, mental and emotional wellness.

Whether you’re new to holistic wellness, crystals and/or mindful living, or you’re a seasoned practitioner, we hope to provide you with high-quality exceptional products intuitively chosen for your enjoyment.

Check out all of the listed items in my ETSY store HERE