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Empower and Renew DVD NOW AVAILABLE!

Now you can practice at home or on the go with Adri!

Empower and Renew with Adri Kyser

  • Contains two full Vinyasa classes or customize your practice by selecting individual segments of your choice
  • Experience physical and energetic alignment
  • Build strength and stamina while renewing the mind, body and soul
  • Use of different options (Kramas) to tailor your practice for your body’s needs and practice level
  • Transform your practice from simply doing yoga into a complete state of being

In this DVD, you’ll find two transformational Vinyasa practices for mind, body and soul. These classes can be a wonderful tool in helping you connect with the power of your breath and find your innate, natural rhythms. These practices are more than doing yoga or getting into a pose. Instead, we will experience a compassionate, fluid, and empowering flow of self discovery celebrating the journey, not just the destination. You’ll be invited to let go of inhibitions throughout the practice so you can move from a place of doing yoga into a place of being.

EMPOWER Vinyasa Flow (43:52)

This dynamic, energizing and empowering Prana Vinyasa® class is designed to help you take your yoga practice to the next level. Choosing from different Kramas (stages), you will be able to build strength and stamina without compromising your breath and body while getting into poses. During this practice, you will experience the weaving of arm balances and hip opening asanas for an effortless yet powerful experience. Empower yourself as you navigate through your innate flow.

RENEW Vinyasa Flow (1:08)

This is the perfect class for anyone looking for a slower paced Vinyasa practice. Renew and restore mind, body and soul as we explore a series of creative lunar Vinyasa sequences while surrendering to the meditative flow of our sadhana (practice). During this Prana Vinyasa® class, we will move to slower rhythms, increasing vitality and energy while renewing our entire being. Together, we’ll explore different variations of low lunges, Hanumanasana (Splits), and Vasisthasana (Side Plank). Just like Hanuman, we can take a leap of faith, let go of fear and establish ourselves in a loving and nurturing space. End the class feeling inspired, connected and transformed.

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