Santorini Luxury Retreat 2022

Santorini Luxury Retreat 2022

June 9th – 15th, 2022

  Restore Your Mind, Relax Your Body, and Nurture Your Soul!

Join me for an incredible, once in a lifetime experience… Santorini Luxury Retreat 2022. 

Join me on an adventure of a lifetime to the stunning island of Santorini, Greece. Santorini is world-famous for its gorgeous white-washed villages, beautiful sunsets, incredible architecture and history, exquisite beaches,  world-class shopping, and dining!

This luxurious retreat is designed to help you experience all that  Santorini has to offer so you can relax and enjoy!

Our last Ireland retreat was a success and so we are thrilled to go on another adventure in 2021. Make sure you join our newsletter so you can be the first one to know the details. In the meantime, check out her fabulous past retreats for inspiration and see why these retreats are so amazing. 

Santorini Luxury Retreat 2022

June 9th- 15th 2022

We’ll be staying at a gorgeous, five-star beachfront resort for the week within walking distance of all of the shops and restaurants in Kamari Village.  We will also explore the capital Fira and the village of Oia to give you plenty of time to shop and enjoy the beautiful weather and culture the island is famous for, in our Santorini Luxury Retreat 2022.

We’ll begin each day with a yoga session (open to all levels of experience) on our hotel’s pool deck overlooking the black sand beach, to help you relax, nurture your mind and soul, and start your day with positivity.  

After our morning practice, we’ll explore everything the island has to offer.  We’ll enjoy a private guided hiking tour from Fira to Oia. We will also explore the island by sea, on a Catamaran cruise with swimming and snorkeling.

Enjoy the delicious daily meals and a tour of a winery, followed by a cooking class.  Even with all of that, there is still going to be plenty of time to relax at the beach or pool, souvenir shop, or venture out on your own.

Santorini and Atlantis

Santorini has often been linked with the lost city of Atlantis. Recently the Discovery channel created a documentary about it. Read more here

During our last trip, we visited the ancient city of Akrotiri, a truly incredible experience. Now you have the chance to experience it for yourself!

So reserve your spot today on this incredible journey to experience all the delights that Santorini has to offer! Click here for a detailed itinerary of our Santorini Luxury Retreat.

The combination of beautiful landscapes, sacred places, history, culture, myths, and a sense of unity with God is truly mystical. The people in Santorini are friendly and very welcoming. They treat their guest with the utmost respect and excitement.

This Santorini Luxury retreat is about raising complete relaxation for your mind, body, and soul.


During the retreat, you will explore amazing sites, experience the culture and cuisine, and have downtime to relax, renew and connect with Spirit. 

If you are ready to:

  •  Restore and renew your mind, body, and soul
  •  Awaken your intuition
  •  Deepen your connection with Spirit 
  •  Connect with your Heart Desires
  •  Heal from the inside out
  •  Experience the mystic and enchanting energies of Santorini
  •  Journey through the chakras
  •  Cultivate mindful practices 
  • Connect with incredible people
  • Explore amazing sites and experience the Greek culture and hospitality
  • Sail in the Mediterranean Sea, go snorkeling, visit a winery, experience a cooking class
  • Go on a breathtaking hike, experience the most beautiful sunsets, and enjoy a black sand beach, and much more.



From the moment you arrive to the moment you leave, every detail has been taken care of so you can relax and nurture your mind, body, and soul.


The hotel has an exclusive restaurant, spa, and rooms beautifully decorated with modern features. 

We will start each day with a daily yoga class to help you move your body, feel centered, restored, and renewed. 

After each class, you can indulge with a fabulous breakfast prepared for us before heading on some incredible excursions, relax poolside, go shopping, and more.

This Luxurious Retreat is an ALL-INCLUSIVE EXPERIENCE surrounded by the breath taking scenery that Santorini has to offer. 


Double Occupancy – 

  $3397 USD per person

Total Retreat Value $4397

(Payment Plans Available)

Single Occupancy – 

$ 3997 USD

Total Retreat Value $4997

(Payment Plans Available)



*A $880 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your spot.  Space is extremely limited. I like to keep my retreats intimate for a more personal high-end experience. If paying by check or direct deposit, please email me for more information.

**Please note: We cannot predict the exchange rate and prices are set in Euros. We recommend paying for the retreat sooner than later to avoid price increase or additional changes. 

***Offer cannot be combined with other sales and discounts. 

Price Includes:

  • 6-night accommodations in a 5-Star Beach Front Hotel
  • Daily Breakfast 
  • 4 Dinners (total)
  • Private Guided Caldera Hiking Tour
  • A Private Catamaran Tour
  • Group round trip group transportation on the scheduled time
  • Winery tour and cooking class
  • Lunches during specified tour days
  • Yoga on most days

Not Included:

  • Gratuity
  • 2 dinners 
  • Lunches (not included in the specified itinerary) 
  • Transfers to and from the hotel and airport outside the scheduled group transfers time/day
  • Extra personal expenses (massages, laundry, phone calls, etc)
  • Drinks with meals are extra (water, coffee, etc)
  • Alcohol
  • Airfare to Greece
  • Travel Insurance (mandatory to cover your travel expenses)
  • Additional Excursions not included in our itinerary
  • Taxes and Fees

The full itinerary for our amazing Santorini Luxury Retreat can be found here

*Note: schedule and itinerary may change due to weather and 3rd party coordinators. 


*A $880 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your spot. Space is limited since I like to keep my retreats intimate for a more personal high-end experience.  

If paying by check or direct deposit, please email me for more information.


How do I exchange money?
It is probably best to wait until you get to the airport. There are bureaus where you can exchange cash or traveler’s checks, and ATMs are everywhere. You can also contact your local bank and ask them how to order Rupees from them prior to your trip.

Please tell your bank and credit card companies the dates that you will be in Greece, as they might cut off your funds for fraud protection if they don’t know it is you. Europe loves Visa or Master Card. Few restaurants and shops take American Express.

It’s helpful when you change if you can ask for some additional “small money”, bills in denominations for smaller purchases, and tips.

Is Greece safe?
The People in Santorini are very friendly. As for safety in the streets, I did not experience anything negative.  But as always please use precautions when visiting new countries in the world.
Are there any health concerns I need to be aware of?
It is recommended that you visit your GP, personal physician, or a travel health clinic for 4 to 8 weeks before your departure to Greece.

You might want to bring a prescription for Keflex or another type of oral antibiotic. This is to make sure you have help with stomach ailments. Even though you will be eating in good restaurants or at the private state there is always a chance that you can get Travel Belly – mild dysentery that passes in a few days.

What if I need to see a doctor?
There are plenty of Ayurvedic doctors that can help you as well.

It is always wise to purchase travelers’ health insurance with evacuation coverage. Check out SOS International medical clinic.

What about sanitation?
Any hotel or homestay will have bottled or filtered water available. Do NOT drink water from the tap. I suggest buying extra water bottles to brush your teeth, etc.
What is the weather like?
During my last visit I enjoyed warm sunny days and one cloudy as well as a rainy day. Please, bring layers so you can be comfortable at all times.

Check the weather forecast closer to our departure date.

What kind of clothes will I need?
The temperatures are always changing. Although the temperatures will be warm. My advice is to pack layers and bring a rain jacket. Hiking boots and comfortable walking shoes are also recommended since you never know what type of excursions you may wish to experience.

Please make sure to remember to pack your converter and plug adapters. You will need the 3 prong adapter and a 220/110 converter.

How do I get around?
All transportation for our group activities and transfer to the hotels are included. Depending on the optional excursion you have planned, transportation can be arranged with the help of my guide. Check directly with my tour guide for more information.  
Should I tip?
Yes, the average wages are very low and they expect a tip for all services provided.  
Do I need to bring a yoga mat?
Yes and bring anything else you think you will need to make your practice more enjoyable.
Can you recommend any good books about Santorini before my trip?
You can visit any bookstore and in the travel section, you will find numerous books that can help you learn more about the history, culture, and must-see places in Greece.
Please feel free to contact me at adri@adrikyser.com if you have any questions. I can’t wait to share this experience with you!


What Students are Saying…

Margaret W

Margaret W

Sarah Browning

Sarah Browning

Carol Nick-Kresl

“I have been fortunate enough to attend 2 yoga retreats with Adri and she continues to amaze me with how she makes her travel experiences so enjoyable and gratifying. Her retreats merge just the right amount of yoga/relaxation with wonderful travel adventures. Every detail of Adri’s retreats are well planned from the superb food to exceptional accommodations. Combine all of this with one of the best yoga instructors around and you are in for an amazing experience!”

Carol Nick-Kresl

Jesse Bradford

“Adri’s Bali yoga retreat 2017 was phenomenal. From the calming yoga sessions to the exciting excursions, the entire trip was amazing. If you are passionate about yoga and want to experience a journey of a lifetime, I would highly recommend Adri’s yoga retreats.”

Jesse Bradford

Heidi Fessler

“I recently had the good fortune to be part of a yoga retreat in Bali with Adri Kyser and I have to say it was a trip of a lifetime. The resort was lovely, the food spectacular and the views breathtaking. We practiced yoga in an open pavilion overlooking the lush tropical rain forest and surrounded by nature. The overall experience was transforming, peaceful and uplifting. Adri did a fantastic job organizing the trip and all of our excursions. Thank you, Adri!”

Heidi Fessler

Jennifer Kingaard

“My husband and I went to Peru on a yoga retreat with Adri in June 2011 when I was10-weeks pregnant. Adri worked with me personally to adjust my practice to the needs of pregnancy.I loved working with her! Her classes were both invigorating and spiritual. I love the way Adri works with each individual to meet the needs of her or his practice, while at the same time creating a cohesive atmosphere in class. Adri has a beautiful practice, and she is as beautiful on the inside as the outside. She is a wonderful teacher and friend!”

Jennifer Kingaard

Monika Kovarik

“Bali was an amazing trip and I’m so thankful I was able to join you and experience the beauty and peace of the island. Absolutely wonderful trip, thanks to your planning and all the efforts you put into it.”

Monika Kovarik

Monica O’Sullivan

‘I can’t thank you enough for such a beautiful week in Santorini. I believe a lot in the angels & I truly believe that the angels gathered us all together there you have a special gift in your yoga teaching & your personal touch & interaction with people.”

Monica O'Sullivan

Cindy Van Winkle

“Again, I would like to tell you how much we loved the retreat. Everything was perfect…the location, the hotel, and staff, the women (and men!) who were a part of our group…I could go on and on. You were fabulous! You challenged me to move beyond what I thought was possible for myself at this time and we succeeded! I understand so much more about myself than I did before. Where this knowledge will lead to …who knows!”

Cindy Van Winkle