When Challenges Arise Just Remember…

Today is a New Day | Adri Kyser

When Challenges Arise Just Remember…Today is a New Day!

It’s been over 3 weeks since I taught or taken a yoga class. I think this is the longest time I’ve gone without teaching in over 13 years. Lots have happened since my injuries over 3 weeks ago. I keep telling myself “When Challenges Arise Just Remember…Today is a New Day” as I count the days when I can step onto my mat again.  

I’ve had my fair share of challenges, and all seem to be attached to a theme: “Empowerment.”

Empowerment has been a lesson I’ve had to learn and live through over and over again throughout my life. It has become part of my mission and purpose. Maybe that is why these lessons keep showing up in different ways.

People, situations, and circumstances have come in and out of my life that required me to step up to the plate, rise above, and give it my all despite my fears, hesitations, and worries.

When Challenges Arise

During this particular time I had to:

  • Face my fears straight on.
  • Remind myself that “Today is a new day.” Fear can either stop people in their tracks or make them take action and change.
  • Learn how to dance with it instead of resisting it. Not an easy task for sure.

Fear can either stop people in their tracks or make them take action and change.

Have you ever known the answer all along, yet you chose to ignore it due to fear? Sometimes it takes a slap in the face in a big way to lead you to take action! Can you relate? Why do we do this?

Daily Mantra

“Today is a new day” has been my mantra. It helps me stay centered in love and without fear. Especially when new challenges arise… I remember… Today is a new day!

A mantra is a word or a phrase we repeat multiple times to invoke a feeling, bring awareness to or activate certain energy within ourselves.

As I take this time to recover, I have had time to reflect, let go of all attachments, and dive into the unknown. I remind myself that:

Courage is not taking action in the absence of fear but rather it’s taking action despite the presence of fear.

My physical yoga practice has been non-existent for the most part, but my spiritual practice has grown stronger than ever.

As I begin to heal both emotionally and physically, I can’t wait to step on my mat and share with my students some of the insights I’ve learned.

“Today is a new day” has helped me clear the lenses and see the bigger picture as I empower myself to grow from the challenges put in my path and to give thanks, especially for the little things that once seemed mundane, now creating a bigger sense of appreciation.

We can always choose to live in the past and drown in “could of” and “should of.” Or, we can choose to take it one day at a time so we can live fully present and embrace the gifts each new day brings.

“Life must be lived forward, but it can only be understood backward.” ~ Soren Kierkegaard

Remember that no matter how hard things were yesterday, let’s celebrate that “Today is a New Day!”

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  • Ranjani July 18, 2016, 7:11 pm

    Just bumped into this post this is what I need for the day. Adri xoxo.

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